Knitting, Dogs and More: A Blog? October 6, 2004

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

A Blog? October 6, 2004

I decided to start a blog after viewing a number of blogs related to knitting. They are very informative and fun. I have been inspired to pick up my knitting after a few years absence. I'll explain the absence later, but want to get this up and running so I can document what I'm working on and what I've completed.

The main knitting project I have going is a Cables 101 Vest with a Knit A Long (KAL Cables 101 Vest)

I also am knitting a shawl from Cozy

And...sweaters for Esther and Ethan out of Bernat's Denimstyle Child's Denim Hooded Sweater. On this I'm adding a basketweave pattern as Stocking stitch gets a little tedious. I'm also attaching the pocket using increases after the ribbing and than knitting the stiches into the front at the top. I want to do as little finishing as possible :-) Esther's is in a rose and Ethan's is in a sage green (Esther picked the color for Ethan).

Speaking of those two, to be finished this week are their CareBear costumes. I'll post pictures when they are available.

So, How do I choose what to knit when? The Cables Vest is in a dark color so it is hard to see the pattern at night or while watching TV. I work on it a little bit here and there in the morning and daytime. The shawl and the sweaters can be worked on while watching TV or chatting OR watching Esther and Ethan in the backyard. Well, that is a sizeable entry for the first issue. I'll post pictures as they become available and include some of work I've recently completed.

Take care all!


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