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Friday, January 12, 2007

I'll Trade ya!

I really want this! You would think I could go to Walmart or Target to get such an item. Right? Guess not in California! Crazy! Our temperatures were well below freezing last night and are predicted to be the same through the weekend. Our garage is full of an unfinished woodworking project (my husbands). The plants have their lights and covering but on the advice of local nurseries I think they will be wheeled into the garage in the evenings. BRRRR. So what am I trading you for? Hmm, what do I have worthy of such a trade....I KNOW how about this! Yes it will be this (Elna 644) Well, one like it...sorta

For This

Before you get too excited, you should wait for the picture of my actual machine. The needle assembly broke off the needle rod. Repair requires a trip to Elna and with measly $350 Estimate, my response was PHPPPH! Much better response than the hopefully unintelligible cuss words I yelled when it happened. So I'm sorta in the market for a new or used serger. I've toyed with the idea of getting an inexpensive one and save my money for one with more options. Any ideas on what I should do? Anybody have a machine they love that I should look for new or used. There are SO many options! I figure I'll just wait and see what looks best. Truth be told I could do most of the sewing I do on my regular sewing machine. The speed and secured seams on the serger is fun along with some of the other features you get.

Later I may post a picture of the broken parts of my machine and I will definitely post a picture of the "gown" I made before it died. I don't need it for more of these but I'll still show you what I've been up to.

Lastly, I have to tell you how nice my husband is. We really shouldn't buy a serger right now. Even waiting a few months would be better. He said, "But you use it quite a bit don't you?" Also, he never complains about the things I buy or crafts I get into. One day he jokingly told me I couldn't get another Hobby because I only have 24 hours in a day. And you know, his attitude is so nice it makes it easy to wait for things.

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Anonymous 2paw said...

He is a very nice husband!!! I hope you find a nice overlocker!!!

12:05 PM  

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