Knitting, Dogs and More: "It's all just A Little Bit of History Repeating"

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"It's all just A Little Bit of History Repeating"

I like the song History Repeating as it's done by the Propellerheads and Shirley Bassey. Isn't she also the singer who sang "Goldfinger"? (my lame attempt at foreshadowing)

Very appropriate for today's post. Yesterday I started out the day by traveling about an hour, thinking I would get a sewing machine that looked like this:

Ah Yes, those Germans. Doesn't it just scream practicality, with a little bit of strictness thrown in? I have a feeling it would sew over your fingers if you forgot to press open a seam or didn't follow the manual to the letter.

Well, a bit of a sad story, the machine was in very good working order and I wanted it but the lady who owned it didn't want to sell it even after agreeing too. She has MS and can't do a lot of the things she used to. She's emotionally attached to this machine, how hard it must be to let go of something that reminds you of what you used to love doing but can't. Her husband was very apologetic that I had traveled some distance to see it. I just felt bad for both of them. Not the place you want two such seemingly nice people.

So meanwhile back at the ranch, not only did my serger need to be replaced but my sewing machine now needs repair. The part (plastic I'm sure) that holds the feed dogs in place is broken. I know it will be at least $80 to start this repair. ARGH! Meanwhile I need a machine that sews to complete some obligations. I called the local Thrift Shops and Struck GOLD. You think I'm joking, just LOOK:

LOL, the lady at the Thrift shop said it was new and when she told me it was a Singer Golden Touch, I had a feeling it wasn't New but maybe more what I'm looking for. I looked at and there is a funny review of the machine. People really seem to like it, so at $35 I figured the least it would do is get me by. It has even been checked over by the local sewing shop. Not sure if this is something that is always done, or if it was a donated trade in, but it will get me by for awhile. It also cracks me up the difference in these two machines that are both from the early 70s. TOO funny!

Sew (hee hee) I think A contest is in order to name my new machine. It's Gold, from the early 70s. And bellow is the Instruction book cover. Should be a lot of inspiration. I'll think of a prize but leave your suggestions in the comments. I'll do two prizes. One for the person who suggests the name I chose and one drawn at random. Let's give it a week and make the entries due Feb 1st!


Blogger Mitchypoo said...

Aw, how considerate you are toward the older lady with MS. My mom has an old Singer you'd probably like. You are making me want to get back into sewing now. But I want one of those computerized dealies, they are cool!!

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Kristen said...

I can't resist a contest! How about Marigold?

4:27 PM  

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