Knitting, Dogs and More: Another Clue.....and a cute thing Esther said.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Another Clue.....and a cute thing Esther said.

We have been enjoying the nice weather and our surprise. A few clues for anyone interested in guessing the surprise so they can be specific. Part of the name for what my surprise is also is the name of something I love to eat. This item's nutritional value has been debated but darker versions in moderation seem to be in favor with health experts. My computer is virus free, I have a few things to reload and hope tomorrow I can post a picture of the surprise, so guess soon!

Now for the cute thing Esther said. We were outside and she asked me to get a cobweb down. When I asked her where it was she said, "It's in my imagination." I found out later that is what she calls the area under her Little Tikes slide/playstructure.


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