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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cheater Post!

That's what I call these in jest, not criticism. Just had to answer a few questions and have something fun for the blog today! :-)
You Belong in Dublin

Friendly and down to earth, you want to enjoy Europe without snobbery or pretensions.
You're the perfect person to go wild on a pub crawl... or enjoy a quiet bike ride through the old part of town.

I joined a Dishcloth Exchange hosted by Procrastiknitter (LOVE the name!)

Note: I live just 2 miles south of a town called Dublin. That's more in my budget these days, LOL


Anonymous 2paw said...

Oh, I came to visit because you are in the Dishcloth Swap and I am too, and there are dogs!!!!! What a bonus. They are having so much fun playing chasings!! They are all lovely!!! Nice preserving too!!!

6:33 AM  

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