Knitting, Dogs and More: Hair! Hair! Hair! Hair! Hair! Grow it! Show it! (Everybody sing now)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hair! Hair! Hair! Hair! Hair! Grow it! Show it! (Everybody sing now)

Optional Title - Hair of the Dog.....
I've decided to save the hair from brushing Sparky to spin yarn one day. I saved some from my Retriever but never tried spinning it. I wish I did now. With her you had to collect the bulk of it in the Spring when she shed. Not so with Sparky, He just has an amazing amount of hair and sheds like crazy ALL the time. It is a hassle but since I started this project, He's a lot cleaner and there's a little (ONLY A LITTLE) less hair around the house, yard, garage, floating in the air. (ugh it's never ending!)

This is one of those jumbo huggies diaper boxes you get from Costco. (for another blog entry...we use a combination of cloth and disposables) Anyway, at the most it has about 6 days of brushings in it! Who needs sheep! Right after I put it in, it fills the box then it settles down like this.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be sure to post a pic of the tulip tree in full bloom, they are so pretty. You must have clean dogs to want to spin dog fur- I wouldn't do it with my mutts!

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