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Monday, July 18, 2005

Something for me to be Obsessed about.....

Yesterday I spent the day with my sister and niece. We had a wonderful time. My sister did tell me something odd. She and her husband own a dry cleaning shop in a small town in Northern CA. She told me that one of their customers brought in clothes that included a T Shirt with Mom's picture on it. My Sister is 15 years older than me and has a different father and my Mom passed away about 15 years ago. My Mom's first husband (my sister's father) was a photographer and I've seen some of the pictures in the same sitting as she described. The pictures are atleast 60 years old. My sister was so shocked she wasn't sure she was going to be able to press the shirt. She also didn't ask the customer about it. We think her father probably sold the photos and they are stock photos now. I have no idea how this works or how I would even look to find the T-shirt or photos. At first it seemed wierd to me, like the feeling I had when I was in grade school where she taught reading. Some of the kids started calling her Mom and I just didn't like it. So now I'm totally obsessed knowing there's a T Shirt with Mom's picture on it. I'm going to tell my sister to ask the person if they come in again about it. Otherwise there just seems no way to track it down. Another blog contest perhaps? :-).


Anonymous Kristen said...

What a bizarre occurrence! I can't believe your sister didn't say something right away; she really must have been in shock. Good luck with your quest. Hopefully that person will show up again.

8:48 AM  

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