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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Lessons Learned.

optional title.....Rookie Move
I completed the Cables 101 vest out of a 100% wool yarn.  My expereince with 100% wool yarn has been limited.  I remember 20 years ago knitting an aran sweater for a boyfriend from Bernats Aran Sweaters booklet.  If I recall it really didn't take much more blocking than getting it wet and laying it out on a towel.   Anyway, I started this vest while reading the posts on the Aranknit group at Yahoo groups.  A few of the members swatch AND block their yarn before using it.  I should have stopped what I was doing and blocked my swatch then, but didn't, hoping that they were excessive.  Anyway, after following the directions on the yarn label and attempting to block my vest....IT GREW!  So of course I blocked it again and it grew AGAIN (Logical I know!).  Then I decided to purposely felt it just a little bit to shrink it a bit.  It's slightly felted but no smaller.  So my poor vest is in an unusable state waiting for some creative thought to resurect it.   Felt it more and make a teddy bear?  Slippers?  Bedding for Sparky?  LOL,  I'm going to spend my next knitting sessions swatching and blocking the wool and wool blend yarn that I have.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is heartbreaking; I know how much work you put into it! Try this link:
It's one I keep in the back of my mind as I'm sure I'll need it someday. I wish I'd thought of it when you first posted about the problem.

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice, Tori. My Ballybrae is soaking as I type.

5:03 AM  

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