Knitting, Dogs and More: Breakfast!

Friday, March 25, 2005


I've been working on our tax info this morning and looked out our kitchen window to see one of our friends having breakfast. I guess emerging cherries are good, especially on a sunny morning after a week of rain. I wish I could have caught his cute little face but look at that tummy and those cute toes! I looked up California Ground Squirrel on the Internet and learned they are pests to gardeners. I usually try to figure out how to give them some food from our cherries, tomatos, peaches, apples and plums so they don't take a bite out of each and every one of our fruit, so I never thought of them as "pests".

I've completed 8 diamonds on my Diamond Patch sweater. I think there are approximately 30 I need to complete. I'll check and revise the post. Once it is picture worthy, I'll post a picture. So today I need to finish up our tax information for our Accountant and I'm waiting to hear from a good friend who is due to go into labor any minute. She's having the baby at home and wants me to be there if I can. Her son, Ethan (same age as Esther, 2/5 yrs) was here quite a bit the last few years while she finished up her degree in Chiropractic. The sad news is that in May they will move to Ohio to be closer to family and away from California's increasingly higher cost of living. We will miss them so much!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Makes me want to tickle that tummy! I love watching the squirrels at my dad's bird feeders, they are so entertaining. Of course, the bird food is not intended for them!


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