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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Felted, The Bad and The Unfelted.

Pile O' Feet

This doesn't include two pair that have already been given away. There is a pair near the bottom that felted funny. I'm going to felt a batch tonight and toss it in. I might be one pair further along if it shapes up. Fingers Crossed!

I miss you Mystic Poncho, Ribby and Gansey!

I'd like to finish these as I've joined the FLAK (Follow the Leader Knit a Long) and have swatched a bit for it. Only the instructions for the gauge, swatching, and measurements are up and already I've learned more and put more thought into this project than any other. Usually just pick a pattern, yarn, swatch half heartedly, guess on the measurements and start. This is an unusual Knit A Long not only because of the attention to detail and learning but Janet hasn't finished the sweater herself and we won't see the finished project 'til well into it. There's a choice between cardigan and pullover too. I'm leaning towards cardigan because I plan to do it in wool. I'd like to find a good non-wool yarn to use for sweaters for myself and the climate as well as a few relatives that are allergic to wool. Maybe a cotton acrylic blend? Any suggestions? Take care all!


Blogger Cindy said...

for my money, can't beat TLC's Cotton Plus. I bet you'll get gauge with it too. It's a nice weight, soft, machine washable and it's easy to work cables. Hmmm, I have some in olive in my stash. Might just have to swatch for the FLAK with it! Happy Felting!

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