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Monday, April 25, 2005

Baby Surprises!

Here is my progress on the Baby Surprise Jacket. I just found out my niece is going to have twin boys in September! I'm so excited for her and also told her I'd help as much as possible. I even offered to take one :-). So there are more Baby Surprise Jackets for my knitting future. I also want to try the TomTen for some little kids I know.

I LOVE EBay. Okay, I know "Love" is an overused word. I have been good about my yarn buying but did bid and win on some ecru skeins of Germantown. Originally I thought I would felt it, dye it, play with it.....But this yarn is SO wonderful! The auction came with a 4"x 48" strip someone had started in crochet for an afghan. I think I may have to knit an afghan with this as the feel is so cozy. You can bet "Germantown" is going to be saved as a search at "My EBay".

For those of you who were gracious enough to read through my ranting and whining about my car I thank you. You'll also be glad to know I traded it in for a new car. My husband and other family members have had good experiences with Hyundai so that is what we ended up with. I was also looking at Honda, but with what I wanted to spend wouldn't have many extras. Even though I wasn't as excited about this car purchase as you would think, I am impressed with the thought for the driver and passengers that went into the car.

I'm off to start a busy week as I have Training for Teachers of the Music Together program. Some of Our good friends are leaving Thursday and we've vowed to spend as much time as possible together. Take care all! Tori

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Anonymous Kristen said...

Congrats. on the new car; may it be more reliable than your old one! I'm going to make the Tomten someday, it is so cute. EZ's patterns are nice bec. though mostly relaxing garter stitch, there is interesting shaping going on to keep you alert. Germantown- ever since I read it was one of Janet Szabo's favorites, I had to get some. I got a great deal off EBay for more than enough soft purple skeins to make an Aran- again, someday!

3:51 AM  
Anonymous Jean said...

You'll be SO addicted to the Baby Surprise. I just finished two myself. The Tomten is a lot of fun to knit too. I've made several over the years for my own boys and friends. They seem to wear them for years.

4:52 AM  

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