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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Does this dog look like he needs training?

or is he enjoying the green grass too much. Maybe after training we will have nice pictures of the dogs sitting together. Most pictures I have are of dog parts, mainly tails. We went to our first dog training class last night without the dogs. The class is put on by our City's Recreation Department. The teacher, Wendy Krehbiel, has a website with lots of information and contact information Here. She had two of her Goldens with her last night. One was only 9 weeks old and of course adorable. He is already learning a lot. The other was a few years old and was also beautiful and well mannered. So I spent some of my time this morning working with Maddie, Sparky and Bentley. The first thing they learn is that the clicker means Good and they get treats when they hear it. Below is a picture of the clicker and treat bag I already had.

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Theese are two books Wendy recommends on using the clicker. I am going to really try this method because it is supposed to get results quicker and more relizble. Sounds Great! I'm already doing some of the things she suggests. All three dogs get a sit command before they get food, get to come in the house, etc.... Plus it just seems like a lot of fun!Quick Clicks
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Anonymous Ulrika said...

I love the clicker, it's an awesome training method! Have fun! :-)

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