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Monday, April 11, 2005

The Scents of Spring

Something smells wonderful in our garden! The suspects! In the middle we have Purple Alyssum. Top Left - Orange tree about to blossom. Top Right - unknown ground cover. Lower Left - White Alyssum and Lower Left - Periwinkle. My apologies if my spelling is incorrect or my plant identification is wrong.

Mowing, weeding and laundry have been the main activities for today. In a little bit I'm going to see if Esther will take a nap and watch a little bit of HGTV while cleaning the family room and kitchen. It's nice to get things done! What is also nice is Esther can be trusted for short periods of time while I do things. She watched Thomas while I was mowing. Than came out while I was raking and sweeping. She even held the dustpan for me and watered the potted plants.

I apologize for my bad mood the last time I posted. Boy, when you think of the problems other people in the world have, it seems kind of petty to whine about a car. I have options for my problem. I just need to be patient (Oh I'm just SOOOO good at that LOL). Plus the shop owner was REALLY nice about the panel and will replace it.

Tonight is "24", one of the few nights we watch TV so I will work on the Baby Surprise. Cindy at Knitting Park had some great tips about blocking the SCA when I get to that point. Thanks Cindy for letting me piggyback off of all your hard work!  Posted by Hello


Anonymous Kristen said...

The baby surprise is so fun to knit. I made a striped one, and someday would like to make the adult one. Good luck with the car!

4:26 PM  

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