Knitting, Dogs and More: "A little bit of History repeating......"

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"A little bit of History repeating......"

Yes I did Sparky, and No it's not a doggy coat for you, you come with your own! hee hee, Sparky will cock his head to the side when he hears a funny noise, unfortunately my digital camera doesn't quite have the timing to get the full affect.

I started the Campus Coat in the Aug-Oct 2005 issue of Cast On. I knit a Diamond Patch and then several inches on the back of the Coat. I'll post pics soon.

Okay, about the title. check out this picture of this "bug". Kind of interesting, whatever could it be with those stripes.........................


Click the blog title to see the history, obviously I didn't get the Mom before, at least not in time. I now know more than I ever wanted to know about these spiders. This is a young one, the younger ones aren't black at all but have the round bodies. I did just clean, hose down, sweep,m and disrupt any place I thought they could be in the yard a few days ago. I've seen 3 in the last two days. This one rode into the house on a canvas covered board I left out for the afternoon drying. It may be time for professional help, even though they are resistant to chemicals, I feel like we have to do something to keep them at bay. Now for the wierd part. I'm more afraid of trying to kill them than I am to catch them. Is that strange or what! I picture them jumping on my leg if I try to stomp them (shudder!) So my hubby has to take care of them.


Anonymous Kristen said...

EEEK, not more BLACK WIDOWS! Tori, you're showing us that there is a down side to living in Cal. I think maybe the only solution to the BLACK WIDOW problem is to MOVE!

4:56 AM  

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