Knitting, Dogs and More: Okay, Just one more pair!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Okay, Just one more pair!

Not for you little guy! I don't care how much you're chattering at me. Yes I see you there all plump and getting ready to hibernate or hide from the rain and weather (do squirrels hibernate? In California?). I'm through with Fuzzy Feet for a bit.

Okay just one more pair! Patons Classic Merino and a free ball of Bernat Disco later....Hmmm Look how much these are supposed to shrink. At this point I'm getting a little nervous. I sure don't want to disappoint my kiddo after she's seen me plow through a dozen pair and asked for some of her own. YIKES!

Man these are big! This is MY Foot

Later that same morning...

I found a pattern for the fuzzy slippers very similar to fuzzy feet but in 3 sizes at Knitting at Knoon Designs. I REALLY like how the Patons felted, very fast! I had planned to make a pair for me but I might take a break and make a rolled brim hat. I like this felting stuff. It's just plain fun!


Blogger Mitchypoo said...

I agree, Fuzzy Feet are fun! Those are too cute with the eyelash around the cuff! Way cool! I made two pair of Fuzzy Feet in a Lamb's Pride pink bulky yarn and they are so cool. Going to make a pair for me and mom after Christmas.

Happy Holidays to you Tori and your family!!!

11:51 PM  

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