Knitting, Dogs and More: Preaching to the Choir.....(WARNING RANT AHEAD)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Preaching to the Choir.....(WARNING RANT AHEAD)

I debated on whether or not to post this. I think the people that read my blog probably would feel the same way. So sorry to add to the sadness and emphasizes the negativity that surounds a tragedy.

I don't understand why some people chose such inappropriate times to display their lack of concern and (IMO) stupidity, arrogance, etc... I had heard there was some criticism of Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) and some I can understand but to express it now as THIS PERSON DID is beyond my comprehension. I had no clue who Germaine Greer was before, maybe this is what prompted her uncouth, rude and obnoxious behaviour. She's getting attention riding on the tails of a tragedy. To her I'd say, "Did you ASK him about his methods when he was alive!?! You seem so concerned about his actions now that he's gone and can do nothing about it"! If she's so concerned about change why isn't she more proactive?

I'm always amazed how critical some people are of others choices in how they give to the world. I've been involved in many charitable organizations donating mainly time and some money. There is ALWAYS "somebody" right there to criticize, saying I or someone I know should be involved in something else. I've heard this when in programs helping adults learn to read, fostering homeless dogs or walking in the Avon 3 day Breast Cancer Walk. I'll also add that the "somebody’s" are usually not involved in anything that I'm aware of and don't realize most of the volunteers I know are involved in many charitable organizations.

So anyway, Thanks to the Steve Irwin's out there who are passionate about their lives, you give and teach us so much. To Steve himself, I wasn't your biggest fan, but did enjoy your teaching and humor. Thanks for being human and making mistakes, if you were perfect other people wouldn't think they could attain what you did. To his family, so sorry for your loss, I wish for you the time and privacy to heal.

I promise my next post will be soon and more positive!


Blogger Mitchypoo said...

Tori, you can rant all you want, it's your blog sweets and I agree with you. What a horrible woman. No class...

11:25 AM  

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