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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blog Contest! (Drawing)

With all the emphasis on preparedness I thought I'd hold a contest to encourage all of us to get our disaster kits ready. So......Here is how you enter:

To enter leave a comment on this blog entry and make sure to include a way I can contact you. You can remain anonymous, but I won't be able to enter you into the drawing. If you're concerned about privacy copy me in an email. Your comment should include answers to the following questions:

1. Tell me if you have a kit ready and what would be the most likely disaster you would need it for? Include some of the specific items you have in your kit in your answer.

2. Are there craft related items in the kit? Tell us if you have a story about an unusual use of a craft item. I thought of this question because in EZ's books she told us how she used a knitting needle as an emergency part for a boat motor. You'll get an extra entry for the most unusual use.

3. Any tips on this subject?

For each answer (other than yes or no) you will get an entry into the drawing. So, you could get up to four entries! That is one for each number and one for an unusual use of a craft item.

So now you want to know what the prize is for all this work, eh? ;-).

On Sunday Evening (9/24/05) my assistant (very skilled at counting ~ my 3 year old) and I will count out the entries place them in a suitable container for the drawing. We will then draw at least 5 names. The first 3 will win a set of the following.
Dragonfly Stitchmarkers! Yes Folks! In the recent past these stitchmarkers caught the eye of an anonymous blog commenter who asked to purchase them. At this time the ONLY way to receive them is by contest, stitch marker swap or randomly through the FiberRAOK webring. DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE! ;-)

The next two will receive.

$5 Gift certificate to either Starbucks or Barnes and Noble.

Good Luck!


Blogger Lori said...

1. I don't have a kit ready right now, although I have discussed it with my bf. Around here (SF Bay Area), the kit would be most likely for earthquake related disasters or fire or long power outtages. I would make sure to have a set of sneakers and extra socks in the kit (if you have to grab it on the run if you were sleeping, having a real set of shoes (not flops) is quite handy. I'd also have an umbrella, towel/blankets, a general first aid kit, flashlight, candles + matches in a watertight container, chocolate, powerbars, and water bottles. I would also have some cat food and a plastic bowl for water for the cats.

2.There probably would not be craft items in my kit.

3. make sure the kit is easily accessible and people know where it is and what is in it.

11:48 AM  
Blogger LB said...

Cool questions! Here are my answers:

1. Tell me if you have a kit ready and what would be the most likely disaster you would need it for? Include some of the specific items you have in your kit in your answer.

My current survival kit is centered on living off the Rocky Mountains if we should ever have to, since they are -->right next door, literally, for me. Plus, we do a LOT of camping so this kit usually stays in the car. I have two small children too, so the kit includes baby/toddler/child necessities as well. The kit includes changes of clothes, diapers & pull-ups, first aid kit, water & water purifier tablets, iodine, candles, waterproof matches, freeze-dried meals, and OF COURSE hand knit mittens, hats and scarves from my stash!

2. Are there craft related items in the kit? Tell us if you have a story about an unusual use of a craft item. I thought of this question because in EZ's books she told us how she used a knitting needle as an emergency part for a boat motor. You'll get an extra entry for the most unusual use.

My craft-related items are functional and not very unusual since they are mittens, hats, and other body warming items. Although I do have a serious appreciation for the towel importance emphasized in the movie "The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy". We were camping once and forgot our fishing poles. So my father grabbed an old towel and we caught dinner by fishing with a towel.

3. Any tips on this subject?

No matter where you live in the US or the world, luck favors the prepared, and I think everyone should at least have a plan, or a survival kit so they could have something to help them survive until they could get to a safer place. You just never know what can happen from one day to the next.

12:00 PM  
Blogger --Deb said...

I don't have a kit and live in a place where it seems unlikely that I would need it . . . but I've been thinking about it lately, anyway! (And there are always individual disasters like home fires, so...) I'd have food and water, a crate for Chappy, my laptop, extra batteries for my computer and my cellphone . . . and yeah, at least one book and some knitting would be crammed in there somewhere!

12:42 PM  
Blogger Sorka said...

I have a kit per se but the items are not all together in one place right now. They includ weather radio, flashlight, candles,extra water, diapers and wipes, first aid kit.

In Ohio our disasters have included a 'not a tornado', and a week without power right up till Christmas eve.. we live on a hill so floods are not an issue.

There are no craft related items in the kit but I have reccomended to people who are evacuating for Rita to take such items with them. As busy hands sure help the stress level.

I knit with knitting looms so I use a little hook to work with, those things have sure come in handy for getting small things unstuck from tight spots and the latest use was for untying knots when we had things tied to the van roof for a trip!

any tips.. the radio is a good thing to have.. but having a flashlight that works without a battery is great.. a crank one or one that works by shaking it.. it makes a good in a pinch light sourse when batteries or matches run out!

2:16 PM  
Blogger Pammi said...

Great contest, I have a truck full stuff for an emergency.

bottle water
candles,matches, lighter
games cards,boardgames
pencils,pen paper
children tylenol
med. dispensor
extra blankets
clothes for all five of us
milatary foods in sealed bags
and just some misc. items
I have added a set of needles from a gargage sale (knitting)
forks spoons
I live in Florida so I would use these things in a flood or a Hurricane.

Pamela Stern

7:08 PM  
Anonymous ck said...

1. I don't have a kit ready, but I probably should. Devastating tornadoes have hit this area (Cincinnati)quite a bit. I haven't thought a whole lot about it yet, but my main items would be lots of water, some wine, cans of beans and pet food.

2. I would include craft items...both something to do and possible dual purpose items. Scissors could come in handy for something besides cutting yarn.

3. Get something together! You never know when you might need it.

7:23 AM  
Blogger eyeleen said...

Great contest!

1. Tell me if you have a kit ready and what would be the most likely disaster you would need it for?

We do have a kit, we live about 10 miles out of DC, Most likely it would be a act of terrorism that would put our disaster plan in effect. We have the necessities, food and water, batteries, radio flashlights, medications, important papers, clothes, etc. I became a bit obsessive after 9/11, and I think there may be some duct tape and plastic sheeting somewhere.

2. Are there craft related items in the kit?
I've got some crochet hooks, with some red heart yarn. Although not my fiber of choice, the yarn is really quite durable and can be used for other purposes as well.

3. Any tips on this subject?
Look around your home and ask yourself can we survive for a couple of days with that we have in our home...then plan accordingly.
Whatever you do, make sure that all family members know the plan.

5:46 AM  
Blogger Ma said...

I do have a kit ready. We made them when my oldest was in scouts, and I have kept them updated ever since. We each have a backpack, in an appropriate size to the wearer. The exception being the 8 month old, I have tossed his stuff in with mine. Each backpack is a different color. These are kept in a seperate storage area clear of any buildings or the garage along with all of our camping gear, propane and stuff.

In our packs are clothing and good solid shoes (steel toed in adult cases) for 3 days. Along with the usual first aid kits, any medications we might need. Food for 3 days (MRE's), water (5, 8 gallon bottles), and toilet paper. A pack of baby wipes are in each pack, 4 in mine, for showerng etc..

Other items are a hatchet, hard hat, good gloves, and safety goggles for the adults. I also keep a baby carrier (sling) in mine as well as some travel games and books for the kids. Hubby packs the heavy stuff lile pots and pans. Basically, we have everything we need to camp without facilities for 3 days....we can stretch it to 8 or 10 depending on the status of our in house pantry and water at the time.

Also, cash...plenty of cash...

I live in California, so any emergency we have will involve earthquakes, so for us, it's just a matter of being self sustanable until we get the okay to go back into our house, or get the roads clear enough to drive to a shelter.

I do keep craft items in my pack. Mostly beads and things to keep the kids busy, but I also keep paper and pencils, markers, and yes, yarn and needles in it as well. We have been known to gut the emergency bin for last minute camping trips, and trust me in an emergency or a famiy trip, you don't want bored kids on your hands if you get rained in...LOL!

I switch out clothing and other items every 3 months. It's not so much that we are prepared or paranoid as it is that packing for our type of emergency is rather like planning a camping trip. We camp a instead of hiding our stuff away I just keep it easilly accesable and always ready to go. The only time we aren't prepard is the week after a camping trip when I haven't restocked the packs. Water and food stay at home (cuz no one eats MRE's unless they have to..LOL), but I always have washing, tent sealing and 1st aid stuff to re-stock.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I love this idea! Our emergency kit doesn't have any crafty items right now, but after reading your post, I'm definitely going to add some to it :)

1. Our emergency kit currently has a battery operated radio, canned food, water, flashlight, candles, matches, walkie talkies, and our camping supplies (which we have labeled nearby with our cookstove, extra propane, dishes, etc). Here in MI I suppose our disasters would be any kind of terrorist disaster, a tornado, big power outage or a blizzard.

2. No there aren't right now, but I'm going to do up a little emergency craft kit to put next to it. I think I'll include a cross stitch kit (they take a long time to finish!), sock yarn and needles, some basic yarn perhaps to make a scarf or dishcloths and a set or two of needles (probably my old metal ones).

3. As far as tips go, make sure you have food for your pets, adequate protein supplies (we have lots of tuna in our food supply), water purifiers, tampons (yes these are important, can you imagine?!), other hygeine products like wipes, soap and toothpaste/toothbrushes and water is especially important to us because we have a well, so if the power goes out, we don't have water.


3:32 PM  
Blogger Steph said...

1. No kit ready but we do have pet carriers for all our cats and our dog. Earthquakes would be the biggest concern here. We do have a case of bottled h2o in the garage. I also have our 'blue book' (so named b/c it is in a blue binder) that has important docs and info -- all in one place so easy to grab.

2. No craft items.

3. Re: pets -- make sure you have in an easy to grab place a pet kit that includes current photos, microchip #s, license #s, and rabies vax info. If you had to drop off your pet at an emergency pet triage center (in case of a disaster) you would need the photos when you reclaim your pet.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

I don't have a kit anymore. Back in 1999 when the millenium was lurking and everyone was over-reacting to it, I had a small kit of water, canned food, flashlights, batteries, etc. Now, the kinds of disasters I need to be prepared for are snow storms or flooding rains. While there is no said kit in my house, I do have a basement cabinet stocked with canned soups, boxes of tea, liquor, water, and hot chocolate mix. My knitting basket overflows with projects waiting, so I am all ready for this winter to get a "snow day" off from work!

7:01 AM  
Blogger Jenifer said...

1. Other than water available, and extra canned food always stashed, we don't really have an emergency kit. Maybe we should! But I do have a little makeshift emergency kit in my car -- blanket, water, food -- AND ...

2. In my car, I carry an extra sock knitting kit in a baggie ... in my glove compartment ... in case I ever need something to knit and forgot it. Right now it's one skein of Koigu and Alison's (Blue Blog) footlet pattern.

3. No tips really!!


8:08 AM  

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