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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yes I CAN Count!

These little booties were fun to make. More info on the project Here. I had just enough of the Berrocco Suede to make a fifth "just in case" Bootie. My husband kept making jokes about my math skills or that the parents will be offended......

Now for my next project (besides getting back to the Mystic Isles Poncho and the TKGA knitting). I'll let you guess. I bought a Bamboo stake yesterday. It's about 1 1/2" in diamater. I will cut it so the length is 4-6 feet. I'm going to get bees Wax too. I'm going to try and make a Didgeridoo! This instrument is featured in a song I'm teaching this semester. I've asked around to borrow one then saw a few websites like this one - How to make a Didgeridoo I'll report back on my progress.


Blogger --Deb said...

I think an extra bootie is pretty ingenious. And they're so darn cute! If you're worried the parents would be offended, you could always wrap the two pairs inside the gift, and tie the extra on the outside as a decoration (maybe with the giftee's name tucked inside?) They're just adorable!

12:56 PM  
Anonymous ck said...

The booties are so cute! I think it's a great idea to have an extra...babies lose socks/booties/etc all the time.

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Kristen said...

What adorable booties! There are 2 people expecting at my work, and these would be perfect gifts - thanks for the link!

12:35 PM  

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