Knitting, Dogs and More: October Goals! Advice needed!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

October Goals! Advice needed!

OCTOBER GOAL KAL - October Challenge

To finish and submit the TKGA Master Hand Knit program Level 1. I think this will force me to deal with the tension issues that have been plaguing my knitting since I took it up again about a year ago. ARGH! I knit in the continental style. 20 years ago this wasn't a problem for me and people who seemed to be in the know marveled that I had consistent tension. Well, I think the long break and getting older may have put a damper on that skill. You'll see what I mean in a minute.

I'm working on the Mystic Poncho. Thanks go to a friend of mine who's not keen on ponchos but had the yarn and gave me the free pattern. Now I'm just hoping to do this pattern justice. My main problem seems to be with cables as they travel to the left. I've tried really tightening up on the purl stitches that are formed right before and after the stitches. I've tried twisting the purl stitches. I've tried pulling on the stitches after they are made. Anyway, I don't think this picture gives the full effect my knitting has, but I'm getting odd parallelograms instead of diamonds. Argh! Will blocking help after it's finished?

I'm now thinking I need to change my knitting style. Combination? Throwing? Ugh! I used to know how to throw, but now I'm so awkward at it but maybe a lot of practice would work. Any Advice on my dilemma would be appreciated and as they say TIA! Today I'm cleaning house, working on my music classes for next week and preparing dinner for friends who are coming tonight. That will give me a break from this.

UPDATE: Kristen suggested I search the Aranknit Yahoo group which I had tried but used less than adequate search words. I tried again and found information if my purl stitches were the problem. I posted to the group and Dawn Brocco responded with what I think is actually my problem. To summarize, she thinks that the way I'm taking the stitches off the needle and holding them in front or back of the work is what is causing the problem. I got to thinking about it and I think she's right! A long time ago I would use a #2 dp needle. Now I have a needle that is hook shaped and larger in size. I often drop the needle and it hangs with the stitches hence pulling them out. I thought I'd post here, because most references to cable stitch issues place the blame or suspicion on loose purl stitches before and after the cabling.

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Anonymous Kristen said...

Tori, I don't know if you are a member of the Aranknit Yahoo group, but I just typed in 'loose purl stitch' in the search box and several entries came up. I remember there was a thread not too long ago on this problem. Good luck with the TKGA program! Someday I might do it too.

12:21 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Hi Tori! I'm glad you liked the CDs!!! I love the ones you sent! Thank you!/Jen

3:54 AM  
Anonymous Marie said...

Tori, I made Mystic Isles with a really bad goof--let's just say, I had it all finished and blocked and couldn't take it, so it's now back to balls of lavender Magpie! It's a great pattern, though, and I think yours will be lovely. Even enough to inspire me to take mine out again.

9:36 AM  

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