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Monday, September 26, 2005

Contest Winners!

Esther Draws the Winners Posted by Picasa

Esther draws the Contest winners! Notice what we are using to hold the names for the drawing? Safeway recently sold these Red Cross packs. So it looks like I'm more ahead of the game than I am. My goal in the next two weeks is to get our emergency kits ready. We need some for our cars, a pack of important documents we can grab and take with us, an emergency kit for Stephen at work, and a pretty substantial kit located away from our house (Yep, Earthquake country). I'd suggest checking the great tips and advice in the comments of the blog entry for the contest. I've learned a lot and some things really sunk in. I thought of food and water for the pups, but I also need to include them in the documentaion pack incase they get lost or seperated from us, per the comment from Jenifer.

The SF Chronicle published a booklet on the subject of earthquakes. It suggests checking that your home is also up to code and such to withstand an earthquake. So that is another whole project!

So enough blabbing! The winners are......

Starbucks/Barnes and Noble Gift Card:

Dragonfly Stitch markers:

Congratulations! I'll contact the winners in the next day or so to get mail addresses. If you see your name as a winner, go ahead and email me with your address. Take care all!


Blogger Ma said...

OOh OOH!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! LOL! So many great tips, I had thoroughly forgotten to prepare for my furry family members. I also do not have a car kit at all. Great advice!

10:59 AM  
Blogger eyeleen said...

Thank You!!!! I was so excited to open my mail today and find the card to B&N. Yay!!!!

8:30 PM  

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