Knitting, Dogs and More: Walking and Multi-Tasking questions.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Walking and Multi-Tasking questions.

Before the questions I'm happy to report that the knitting of my textured vest will be done by the end of the week. I put small button holes in it but may put in a zipper. Decisions Decisions!

Okay, the following is what prompted my questions to you my blogger friends. I saw a woman walking on the sidewalk putting on her makeup. Now she wasn't touching it up or checking her lips, she was putting on mascara! A teenager who lives on our street used to walk the family dog while reading a book. Not only did I find this odd, I also wondered what keeps them from tripping? I can ONLY walk. Even at that there have been a few embarrassing stumbling moments. And people, I've HAD experience walking, trained and walked in the Avon Breast Cancer 3 day summer of 2000. But I don't feel I could walk and do much more than talk, walk ONE dog, or listen to my walkman at the same time. NOTE: I wouldn't even try to do any combination of those things at once.

So of course I thought "Oh I have to ask about this in my blog!". My two questions: What is the most unusual thing you've seen someone do while walking? Are you one of these people who can multi-task in this manner? If so, HOW do you not run into things?


Blogger Ma said...

LOL! I have seen my teenage niece, paint her fingernails while walking AND talking on the phone at the same time....absolutely amazing.

I resign myself to only being able to knit while walking. I usually take smallish projects like socks that are on the home stretch so I don't have to worry about heels or ribbing or anything like that. Advantage here, I can knit without looking at what I am doing, so I can still watch the group for those crazy jumping bricks that like to trip innocent people like you and I :-)

7:46 PM  
Blogger --Deb said...

I used to regularly walk around the house while reading. (Peripheral vision is surprisingly good.) I'd hesitate to do that while walking Chappy, though, since, well, if he hit the end of the leash, the book would probably go flying! A neighbor of ours regularly walks back and forth on the street in front of his house while on business cell-phone calls. (Apparently, talking IN the house isn't acceptible.)

8:14 PM  
Blogger Jenifer said...

Hi Tori -- wow, that's crazy. I'm afraid I can just walk and talk to myself! :) I love the Red Heart company story ... it's good to hear that. And thanks again for the stitch markers!!! I can't wait to get them in the mail ... :) I bet you got my address off RAOK already -- take care!!

6:46 AM  

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