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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Wild Frontier

Well, the Fuzzy Feet gifts were hits but so were the Frontier Hats. I'm now making a few for Esther's Preschool for dress up play. They will be in traditional colors and I've found doubling the yarn with Bernat Boa and Lion Brand fur makes the fabric seem a little more durable. I did have to adjust the pattern a bit to then get the right size. Somewhere someone has a picture of Esther's cousins with there hats stuck in the back of their pants so the tail is sticking out. Very Funny!

The next few days I'm going to work on my husbands sweater. I'm hoping to get a big chunk of it done before starting the Selfish KAL or Follow the Leader KAL or the Hooded Cabled Sweater....or finishing projects already started for that matter. I may be an inch or two further than this.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday and wish you a Happy New Year! I've met some wonderful people through this blog! I think my husband is a bit confused that I talk about all of you like I do the friends I actually get to see in person. But the line isn't that defined for me. You are friends and an amazing bunch of people!


Anonymous Erin said...

Hi Tori- I got the Hodded cable swaeter pattern off of ebay. We can have our own KAL if you want. I think I'm going to write up the pattern though as the magazin seems to be a bit small in type...

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Kristen said...

The rainbow yarn makes gives the hat a nice 'girly' touch for Esther! Tori, it's always a pleasure to visit your blog and I wish you much happy knitting in 2006.

6:09 PM  

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