Knitting, Dogs and More: Yikes! I hope I don't blow the medal count for my team!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Yikes! I hope I don't blow the medal count for my team!

These are just two of the many wonderful team buttons Jenla has provided for the Olympic knitters. I'm deciding which one I should use. I'm starting to feel the pressure. I'm worried about injuries, trying to back off on the training a bit, eat well, stay away from sick people, etc.....Who gets to carry the flags during the Opening Ceremony? I vote for Laura of CrazyAuntPurl but I don't think she's officially entered the Olympics.

Guess what I'm knitting today?

FUZZY FEET. One of the original recipients of Fuzzy Feet had his confiscated after he threw them in the wash shrinking them further. That pair went to a younger cousin. Now I'm knitting him a new pair. I didn't know at the time how much they can be stretched out if felted to far.

Here's my progress on the Town Square Jacket.

The 4th part of the FLAK was out today and I'm working on the math. I'll start knitting down the back in the next few days.


Blogger Sonya said...

I've upped my vitamin c intake in anticipation of the Olympics. My hacking, germy co-workers do not understand how important it is for Olympic athletes to remain healthy! Don't they know what's at stake?!?

12:40 PM  

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