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Friday, February 18, 2005

KAL's, Red Projects, and upcoming surprise!

There are some tempting KAL's that have just started or will start soon. Marilyn (A beautiful Cardigan) headed up by Cindy and Knittingpark and The Must Have Cardigan hosted by Nathania and Norma. I have at least 4 projects lined up and the yarn in my stash for each one of those so am trying to be good, disciplined, and not start a new project until some of the ones in the queu are completed.

Posted by HelloI haven't done much knitting in the last few days except to work on Steven's sweater I had originally hoped to finish for Valentines Day. The sweater is okay to work on, it's just taking so long for some reason! I've also started a scarf for a friend's Birthday. Thought I would knit her a red scarf and make a small donation in her honor to the Red Scarf Project. We have a mutual friend who has adopted children from China.

Monday or Tuesday I will have an announcement! Some of you will say I'm crazy and you are probably right, but love does that to you. Hee Hee I may be able to manage the surprise sooner. I also am not taking any responsibility for this, it is all my sister-in-law Jill's doing.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Sally Playing

This is Sally our Golden Retriever we lost a little over a year ago to cancer. She was 13 but I still have the selfish wish that she could have lived forever. She will always be in our hearts. She was joy, and liked to spread it and could sense when those around her were sad. They would get a nudge and kisses. She was a tomboy dog and would have done any major league baseball team proud as their starting shortstop. She kept our boy doggies (and sometimes us) inline. She was the top dog with such grace I didn't fully realize it until she was gone. I miss you Sally but still am thankful we were family!  Posted by Hello

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