Knitting, Dogs and More: 04/02/2006 - 04/09/2006

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Photos of Sunny Days (Well, half a day)

Esther and I got to spend some time outside yesterday. There was a break in the rain. Here's some pics from the sunny day!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Goodbye Cascade Lana D Oro in that medium blue I love.....

I posted some yarn on EBay. SNIFF! I hated to do it! How many projects in almost the same color can I complete? It's beautiful yarn if you want to take a look Here.

It's Raining? It's RAINING!?!

I've heard this query several times spoken with a hint of genuine wonderment, with a hint of indignation (we Californians are a spoiled lot weatherwise) and lately with a hint of rage. Weather rage?

So, no pics today (too dark and gloomy) which goes along with the little progress I've made on projects lately. I did restart a nylon purse I had crocheted. It would have looked great but then I realized it was going to be VERY Heavy. So now I crocheted the bottom and am doing a light holey body and will figure out the top when I get there. I still plan to line it with this wonderful black material that has dragonflies on it. Note, the pattern I'm kind of following can be found Here.

I also made a TeePee for Esther this past week. Her response,"Can we paint Dora on it?" I'm trying to discourage that because she has a Dora Starhouse out of cardboard and we are remaking a Discovery Toys House and are planning to put Dora on it.

Take care all!

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