Knitting, Dogs and More: 08/07/2005 - 08/14/2005

Friday, August 12, 2005

Esther's Hummus

Esther loves Hummus. I try to make it at home to cut down on the cost and make it a little milder. I thought I'd share the recipe.

Esther's Hummus

1 can garbanzo beans (drain saving the liquid)
1/2 cup of liquid from the beans
1 tablespoon Lime juice, lemon juice or mixture of the two
1 tablspoon Tahini sauce (you can substitute Peanut butter)
1 clove garlic
1 tsp cumin

Blend it up, chill in the fridge, Serve as dip or straight from a bowl for a picky 3 year old who happens to have Hummus on her short list of likes.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

What Kind of Yarn are you?

You are dishcloth cotton.
You are Dishcloth Cotton.
You are a very hard worker, most at home when
you're at home. You are thrifty and seemingly
born to clean. You are considered to be a Plain
Jane, but you are too practical to notice.

What kind of yarn are you?
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Glasses, Dogs and More

Spooky Sparky Maddy and Bentley enjoying a summer evening Posted by Picasa

Reading Glasses---ARGH! Check out the cool chain I made for them though! Posted by Picasa

I'm sitting here getting ready to work on quicken. WHY does the Macy's bill smell like perfume? It is driving me insane! They had a super special open an account deal about a month ago. The smell of the bill alone is motivation to pay the whole thing off, cut up the card and never use it again. This is the only store card I've had in YEARS because I got suckered into a deal at the store about a month ago.

I'm not doing as well on my getting to bed by 10:30 and not eating 2 hours before that point. This week Hubby is working VERY long hours and to top it off little Es was sick to her stomach last evening. Poor kiddo!

I'm crocheting away on the purse and have started a Frontier hat for Esther. Note the link in the sidebar to "Finished Objects." I started with this month, not sure if I'll go back and add projects. It looks so sad with just one thing! Maybe I should try and catch up from when I first started blogging. I was just thinking I could do a little page of the pups too. I keep forgetting that all these things take time.

Monday, August 08, 2005

One Down (how many?) to Go!

Davey Crockett look out! Here's Esther modeling the completed Frontier. So I got a great start on my goals for this week! Tonight during any TV I'll work on the purse (and maybe a Frontier for Esther :-) I think if it hadn't been so hot this week I may have had trouble getting it off her little head.  Posted by Picasa

August Challenge Update!


Here is the back of the purse with the straps and handles attached. I corcheted a pattern on the back which is kind of silly. When worn you won't be able to see it. I'll use the pattern on the front and modify it to look like dragonflys. This is a project that has a life of it's own. Growing, changing everyday! Very Fun! Posted by Picasa

Here is the fabric I'm planning on using for the lining. I really like Dragonflys so this caught my eye.  Posted by Picasa

Frontier Hat

Frontier should be done this morning (well today anyway). It's fun but the tail is kind of hard. I don't have dp's so I'm using 3 circulars. The yarn winding around the circulars and the fun fur seems easy for me to slip stitches makes it a bit of a challenge. Still fast though. Posted by Picasa

Plans for the week

Finish Frontier and the crocheting of the backpack (will be a lot of sewing to complete it).

Continue taking medicine. Get to bed by 10:30 p.m. Eat no later than 2 hours before bedtime. Modest goals but a few issues I've had problems with. I'm looking forward to feeling more rested so I can make more goals, take on more challenges ;-).

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