Knitting, Dogs and More: 09/25/2005 - 10/02/2005

Friday, September 30, 2005

Highly Textured Vest Done!

The pattern doesn't call for buttons. I did include small button holes and will probably add buttons. I also thought of a zipper but am not sure I'd like the result. I will also do light blocking on it but could wear it as is. See more about this finished Project at my Finished Projects Gallery.

Yesterday I received a wonderful package from Cindy. My camera's batteries died as I was taking the textured vest pics but I'll tell you about it. Two skeins of the discontinued yarn she used for her Shawl Collared Aran. We ended up using the same yarn and I was just a bit short. Cindy was so kind to send me the rest of hers, so I'll work on mine soon now. She also sent Plymouth Encore in a beautiful rose color. There's enough to make Esther a really nice sweater. And last but not least she sent some yummy doggy treats for Sparky, Maddy and Bentley. They LOVE you Cindy!!!!

SO for today, I think I'll finish the tail on Esther's Frontier Hat. I've also started a simple orange pumpkin hat for her, easy to knit while she's at the park on the play structure and I need to watch and set it down every so often to help her.

The weather is so wonderful! It may actually be a tad warm today but I've heard the temp will drop 20 degrees this weekend. Not enough for a sweater but enough to freak out your body. Take care all and Happy Friday.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Walking and Multi-Tasking questions.

Before the questions I'm happy to report that the knitting of my textured vest will be done by the end of the week. I put small button holes in it but may put in a zipper. Decisions Decisions!

Okay, the following is what prompted my questions to you my blogger friends. I saw a woman walking on the sidewalk putting on her makeup. Now she wasn't touching it up or checking her lips, she was putting on mascara! A teenager who lives on our street used to walk the family dog while reading a book. Not only did I find this odd, I also wondered what keeps them from tripping? I can ONLY walk. Even at that there have been a few embarrassing stumbling moments. And people, I've HAD experience walking, trained and walked in the Avon Breast Cancer 3 day summer of 2000. But I don't feel I could walk and do much more than talk, walk ONE dog, or listen to my walkman at the same time. NOTE: I wouldn't even try to do any combination of those things at once.

So of course I thought "Oh I have to ask about this in my blog!". My two questions: What is the most unusual thing you've seen someone do while walking? Are you one of these people who can multi-task in this manner? If so, HOW do you not run into things?

Monday, September 26, 2005

Mail, Music and Yarn!

Today was a fun mail day!

First, look at these adorable stitch holders! They came with a calendar, and purse nail set. Kelly at Knitting Addict sent them for the stitch marker swap. She had a lot going on so was a little late. I assured here these were well worth the wait! I was thinking I'd have to cast on a new project just for these little guys!

Next, MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC! Hee Hee, The mix is as nice as the cover. It is nice to listen to grown up music at times.

Last treat from the mailman! Say what you will about Red Heart Yarn. I learned how to knit and crochet with Red Heart, and do think they have their place. Now I'm an even bigger fan of the company. I told you about my experience with Light and Lofty . I sent Red Heart a letter telling them how long I'd been a customer and my experience. I wanted to let them know since there are some cute patterns out for some of the novelty yarns that aren't just one skein scarves. Anyway, I received a reply that they would send a replacement skein. Well today 6 skeins came in the mail!

I'm so impressed that they stood by their product! I had returned all but one skein (used) to Walmart and explained that in my letter. Now I'll be able to finish the coat if I want and make a matching scarf!

Knitting Progress

Last but not least. I made a lot of progress on the textured vest. I should spend the rest of the day preparing for my Music Together class tomorrow but still should be complete or close by the end of September.

Contest Winners!

Esther Draws the Winners Posted by Picasa

Esther draws the Contest winners! Notice what we are using to hold the names for the drawing? Safeway recently sold these Red Cross packs. So it looks like I'm more ahead of the game than I am. My goal in the next two weeks is to get our emergency kits ready. We need some for our cars, a pack of important documents we can grab and take with us, an emergency kit for Stephen at work, and a pretty substantial kit located away from our house (Yep, Earthquake country). I'd suggest checking the great tips and advice in the comments of the blog entry for the contest. I've learned a lot and some things really sunk in. I thought of food and water for the pups, but I also need to include them in the documentaion pack incase they get lost or seperated from us, per the comment from Jenifer.

The SF Chronicle published a booklet on the subject of earthquakes. It suggests checking that your home is also up to code and such to withstand an earthquake. So that is another whole project!

So enough blabbing! The winners are......

Starbucks/Barnes and Noble Gift Card:

Dragonfly Stitch markers:

Congratulations! I'll contact the winners in the next day or so to get mail addresses. If you see your name as a winner, go ahead and email me with your address. Take care all!

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