Knitting, Dogs and More: 07/23/2006 - 07/30/2006

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Don't Faint!


I know I'll hear the thuds of people passing out and falling to the floor now that I actually have knitting content on my blog! AND It's not a swatch! HAA HAA HAA. This is a sleeve for's Eyelet Ribbed Top. I had to practice knitting with yarn this small of a gauge. I think it will be a nice top.

The Long Arm of the Law

Too my surprise the Law DID visit me on Monday. This arm of the law was Animal Control. Here's what happened: My sister-in-laws family doggy Sassy is visiting us while they are in Disneyland. Sassy is an escape artist and will chew fences to get out. I'm always worried she'll try to get out and look for her family while visiting us. When I leave the house I either put her in a portable kennel in the yard (shaded with water) or in a crate in the house. Esther and I ran a few errands on Monday morning. Sassy or our neighbors dog was crying (they are away and have a house sitter, doggy okay, just crying to get in the house). With the heat what it is, someone called Pleasanton Police Department to check on our dogs. When the officer came by I was home, had already let Sassy out so she could play (lounge in the heat). I was able to explain to the officer and show her where the dogs are. I think she was impressed that we had a fan in the garage for them and two big buckets of water as well as a little waterer they can activate from the faucet. All four of them were very well mannered for her and friendly, I was so proud of them. I didn't point out the clothes hanging on the line to her though. The dogs also come in and out of the house but at that time Esther was playing with her Lite Brite. Little plastic pegs and Maddy are not a good combo!

Last, Thanks to everyone who left comments on Sunday. Our High was recorded at 117 deg. and many of you who left comments were also feeling the heat too! Thanks to Kristen who left a note of concern after reading about California and the heat and power outages. We were lucky, our power stayed on but a few people I know weren't so lucky. I'll leave you with a photo of how we spent most of Sunday.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

How Hot is it?

Too Darn Hot!

My challenge to you is to leave a comment telling me the date, time, temperature my blog says it is here and also what the temperature is where you are. It's hot here and from what we've heard, pretty much all over! Hope Everyone's Electricity keeps cranking!

Ugh, just realize I have to do wash today, don't think I can wait as I've been waiting for cooler days for about a week now? Better sooner than later and we have a clothesline which I'll use. Rumor has it it is against the law in Pleasanton to use a clothesline. I never wanted to really know that for sure because I'd have to move out of principal and we can't afford too. Maybe I'll get one of those umbrella ones that move up and down and make sure it's high enough for everyone in the public park next door can see. My own little protest! :-)

Take care and stay cool!


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