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Friday, February 16, 2007

There's a Group for That.....

A Yahoo Group That is!
After this post it will be apparent that I need a self help group!
It all started out so innocently. I wanted an older sewing machine that I could fix up, keep maintained that would be reliable. My newer machine had problems and most I've been able to fix but meanwhile.....You Remember Farrah Marigold?
Well, I hate to tell you this but she's gone, sniff! A nice young man from Berkeley came and got her so he and his girlfriend can use her. He makes wall hangings and she designs clothes. I found a Kenmore late 70's era in wonderful condition with 32 different ways to make buttonholes a bunch of cams.....That is going to be a machine I keep. Notice I said...Machine. Well... in the meantime I had placed ads on Freecycle for a sewing machine from the 70s or older. Yahoo was having trouble delivering messages in the groups so I got offers After my problems had been solved. But could I say No? I did say No probably 3 times but Here are examples of when I said Yes.

Here we have Kennie (Knemore) 148.1240 from the mid 70s. He's almost ready to go. I had to fix the handwheel as it wasn't together right and the bobbin winding wasn't working. I also had to tighten the Tension assembly and adjust the tension. He's almost ready to go! (I'm going to sell one to recoup costs of supplies and the rest I'll offer back on Freecycle) This is not the one I'm keeping, I didn't take a pic of that one yet.
Here's a fun Singer (237) So far it looks like I'll just need to clean her up and she's good to go, haven't done much to her yet.

Now, the last one which is (I think) the best looking. My parents had a '56 Desoto when we were growing up and this reminds me of it for some reason. She is the most challenging. It's not completely running yet and I've cleaned it with all kinds of scary things including kerosene. Now it's getting oil treatments every morning afternoon and night. It still is stiff to crank as the take up lever reaches the top of the rotation but it's getting better. How did I learn to do all this? Know what to do? Or even get the courage to do it? Why, a Yahoo Group Full of nice helpful people of course! (Wefixit). This project has not been without frustration. Between my husband and I we: 1. stripped a screwhole in a gear. Steven got the screw back in by putting it inside and screwing it out, Smart and hard to do. 2. chipped a part, still operational, but still, YIKES! 3. A Part fell off while I was able to figure out the part number from a list and diagram, I have no idea where it goes! Hee Hee.

CONTEST TIME! Tell me the most interesting Yahoo or email group you've belonged too! Leave your answers here in the comments and I'll draw a lucky winner who will receive "365 Stitches a Year Perpetual Calendar" (this is gently used, I've had it on my desk for 1.5 years and am finding I'm not looking at it anymore) End Date: Tuesday 2/20, right before Ash Wednesday!

Note: Kristen and Cindy, It took me awhile (sorry) but I mailed your stitch markers yesterday.

Promise: Knitting photos soon of a cardigan I'm making for Esther.

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