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Saturday, September 03, 2005

"Oh The Places You Will Go" - Dr. Suess

The States I've visited. I saw this on Michele's blog Knitting and Losing. I thought it was kind of fun. I didn't Include Illinios, New Mexico and Texas as I've only been to those states in the Airport ONLY. A few of the states I feel are cheating because I was there for work but really didn't see the state. I'll leave DC and Virginia though, because I was there for work and almost plowed over Henry Kissinger in a very crowded Dulles Airport while I was racing to the restroom before my plane took off. One of my few brushes with fame, uuuhhh literally, My most hearfelt apology too Mr. Kissinger! A question for those who know more than I do...Is it Dr. Kissinger? I thought he had a PhD but didn't see anything definitive on the Internet.

Anyway, the Map:

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

What do you say?

Chris at the big Yellow House's entry for today struck meWhen Words Fail. We will definitely donate money and do what we can. What I can do seems so little and if I let this totally sink in I'm sure I'd go insane with the feeling of helplessness.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Thanks, Ribby, and Things I'll Miss about Summer!

Thank you to everyone who left nice comments about my Diamond Patch. I'm very Happy with it. I want to get back to everyone, but am catching a cold (fever, sore throat) so it may take a few days. I had a few draft posts going so thought I could manage to lump them together.

I'm going to use my lavender Galway for.....Ribby! I think part of my problem with this yarn is I like it, but as far as the color goes tend to like bluer purples. This is true lavender and in some lights seems to be fluorescent or something. I'll just have to figure out what part of the day I should work on it.

Potential WIP
A blogger friend who's not into ponchos gave the pattern for The Mystic Isles Poncho. Originally I was going to make it in Bernat BlarneySpun (Grey Flannel) but I just don't have enough and can't figure out a way to work the decreases to make it work. I had an Excel spreadsheet going, figuring out the number of skeins it would take based on the 1 skein I had knitted. I thought Maybe I'd do the collar and bottom edging in a different color, but decided not too. So, Off to one of my favorite EBay shops, dashell007's The Wool Shoppe for Briggs and Little Heritage in Light Grey. I'll have enough I can make it a little longer and cozier if need be!

Things I'll miss about Summer!
Even though we have quite a few warm days ahead of us the sun is setting a little earlier reminding us fall is on it's way. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful family and home. We'll still see a lot of the creatures below for awhile, but they are just so much fun.

This Dragonfly was hanging on to the tree limb, wings stretched out in pretty significant wind. Must of felt good.

In California, Hummingbirds stay year round, but we don't see them as much.

Okay, these clowns are just funny! I leave fruit and nuts out for them to divert them from the fruit we want to eat. The one on the fence post is teasing the dogs on both sides of the fence. Silly thing! I wonder if he wants to know where they are so they don't scare him.

September Challenge
I'm thinking about what two projects (already started) I want to complete for the September Challenge. The August Challenge is converting to September Challenge tomorrow. Maybe I should start a few more before midnight tonight to have even more choices ;-). It will include a sweater I started for my Hubby (Guansey). I should also say the crocheted purse. I just need to sew the lining and have been procrastinating on that.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Diamond Patch

Diamond Patch Pullover

By: Jill Vosburg from Just One More Row
Yarn: Patons au Naturel43% Cotton, 30.5% wool, 26.5% Linen
KAL: Diamond hosted by Cindy Park
Start: June 2005
Completed: August 2005
Notes: I had to add length after the rows of Diamond Patches and could have used one extra row of diamonds. I like how cap sleeves look on other people, but not me so left this sleeveless. It has enough wool to be slightly itchy on bare skin so I could wear it as a vest.

Some Good and Some Bad News on the Knitting Front

I'll start with the bad news so I can end with the good news.......

I woke up before anyone else (not an impressive hour as we were up late last night) and decided to work on my campus coat while reading blogs. I was almost up to the armhole shaping on the back and also at the end of the 1st skein. So I started the new skein and knitted away. I just set it down to measure the armholes and noticed something. This Yarn is "No Dye Lot". Well, I won't argue that but I think it needs a TEXTURE LOT!!!!! The picture only slightly shows the break, but it is VERY noticeable! It would be easy enough to rip back, return the skein and start again, but I'd have to test each skein. I'm going to write a letter to Red Heart (if I can find an address) rewind the last skein and head off to Walmart to stand in line to return the yarn. Maybe the bottom part can be a blanket for one of Esther's dolls.

And before you say anything, YES I know I have freakishly long toes. :-)

Okay, for the good news....I finished the Diamond Patch Pullover. I added a bit of length to the bottom after the patches and decided to make it sleeveless. I like how it fits. The yarn is 30% wool so I think it will double well as a vest. It's in the bathroom blocking, almost dry so hope to have pictures later today.

I'm thinking about September goals and can't decide what to work on. I have a lot started. The Rosette Cardigan is going to be ripped out and will become a Ribby Cardi. I knit holding the yarn in my left hand and think this is why the stitches were killing me. So Ribby here I come. I haven't decided if I'll make it all one color or find a contrasting yarn for the sleeves.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Help Organizing all my loose patterns

Hi all, I'm requesting ideas and suggestions on how to organize the loose patterns I've printed out. At first I thought I'd put them in a binder, but there are a bit too many. I want to easily get to them, and find what I want. I have an idea for how to organize them, just not what to keep them in. Right now they are stacked in my bookcase and getting a bit raggedy. Thanks in advance for any help!

FYI - These are the categories I have so far:
Women's Pullovers
Women's Cardigans
Women's Other Clothing
Men's Pullovers
Men's Cardigans
Hats, Gloves, Scarves

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