Knitting, Dogs and More: 07/10/2005 - 07/17/2005

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Summer Flowers and Fruits

Believe it or not our Cala Lilly is blooming (top right) most of these in our area bloomed months ago. The rest seem to be right on schedule. 

Our Peach Tree. Looks like a lot of work ahead for Steven who likes to can peach jam. He also makes really good peach/plum jam. YUMMY! I don't think you can necessarly tell by the picture, but we have nets under the trees to catch the majority of the fruit. Bentley eats them 'til he's sick.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Blog Contest Over! - Stariel Wins!

Stariel said...
Is it this one?

Here we come
Where are you from?
New Orleans
What’s your trade?
Ice cream and lemonade

I vaguely remember playing this with my cousins - I think my aunt taught us.

There's also a good description at Party Game Central. I can't wait to teach Esther and her friends this game. I think I'll have to wait just a few years and hopefully I'll still remember the Chant ;-).

Stariel, I'll email you later and find out what you would like in the way of Stitch Markers and what not.

Take care All.

Monday, July 11, 2005


This has nothing to do with knitting. It is just something silly I’ve tried to figure out and just can’t remember from my childhood. I REALLY want to know for some reason and thought a little contest might do the trick.

Okay, Here it is:

When I was a child we used to play a game. It started with two teams. You would be at opposite ends of the playing field (someone’s front yard). The team whose turn it was (team A) would choose a profession. (Let’s use Cowboy for an example). The teams would meet in the middle and we would say a chant (call and response). At the end of the chant team A would act out their profession (cowboy – riding horses, roping, etc.) As soon as someone from the other team guessed what it was and yelled it out, team A would have to run back to their side of the field with the other team chasing them. If someone was tagged they went to the other team. The game was over when there was only one team or when someone's Mom called us home. This was one of my favorite games!

Now the contest is, tell me the complete chant if you know it (or can find it). I’ll give you clues from my memory: The chant was in call and response form. One of the responses was “Lemonade”. Another part was “Where are you from?” and the response was “New Orleans!”

The Winner will recieve a set of hand-made stitch markers (I'll ask you questions about colors and preferences to make them custom for you) and I'll look for something I can offer from my stash.

So if you know, either email me or leave a comment. Thanks everyone and take care!

Hi All, I think I may have mislead people with the reference I made to Red Rover on Fiber Raok group. The game is more like charades and tag put together with a catchy chant. The chant is what I'm after. Maybe the chant is something that is said without the game? If I remember more clues I'll post them in the comments.

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