Knitting, Dogs and More: 04/03/2005 - 04/10/2005

Thursday, April 07, 2005

What's your favorite project in the latest Knitty?

Can you stand it? What is your favorite and why? Is it for you or someone else? I can think of a good reason to start almost every one of the projects but my favorite is Cambio. I don't live in Colorado, but here in the SF Bay Area the weather in the summertime can range so greatly in a day in one town, not to mention heading to another "micro-climite" (That is what I hear the weatherman call them). It's also loose fitting so I figure it could be a permanent part of my wardrobe since I tend to Yo Yo over a two year cycle as far as weight is concerned. Unfortunately I'm on the upside but feeling the urge to get back in shape. I need to finish Diamond Patch and the SCA before I even think about starting anything new. I don't have as many UFO's as I've seen others admit too, but the ones I do have weigh heavily on my psyche. So Cambio, inspire me to keep plugging away with these so I can get to you!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Finally, Knitting Content!

I'm on the third row of the Diamond Patch. It is gowing s-l-o-w-l-y but surely, so I'll just be patient and plug away. It is slow because I have a lot going on in life right now. A good variety of fun things so I can't complain.  Posted by Hello

Monday, April 04, 2005

Welcome India Grace!

India is one of my dear friends' baby! She was born yesterday at her home and I had the honor being there to coach her Mommy and help as much as I could. I'll give some background info before continuing with this story. Our families became friends because our husbands work in the same Chiropractic office. Julie has just finished Chiropractic College and while she was attending school I would watch Ethan her son who is a few weeks older than my daughter, Esther. Both Esther and Ethan started as home births and we each had to transfer to the hospital for our respective births. While my experience at the hospital was wonderful, I can't say the same for Julie.

For all the worrying and waiting we did and questioning about how it would go this time for Julie at home it really couldn't have gone better or more wonderfully. Julie is SO strong and her Midwife was wonderful! India is a healthy girl 10.7 lbs. 22 inches and she arrived at 6:58 p.m. Yesterday (4/3). (The newborn hat I knit her is NOT going to fit. :-). It was an indescribable experience to be there helping Julie and encouraging her. I also got to spend time with Ethan playing, reading books and rocking him when he was tired. A really fun moment was explaining to him that "Mommy's Baby" was HIS Baby sister and no, she can't walk yet. :-). There was such a sweet moment when Ethan was sitting next to his sister holding her hands and just beaming at her.

I do feel sad today because it is one of the last events we will share together in some time. In a little over 3 weeks, They will move to Ohio to be closer to family and to start a new life and practice there. I wish them so much happiness and am anxious to hear about their life but will miss them so!

So for this week I'll be helping India's family, re-knitting her cap and maybe making a few things for her that fit. I'm still chugging away on the Diamond Patch and will post pictures when I can. My digital cameras card is full with pictures of a new little friend :-).

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