Knitting, Dogs and More: 08/13/2006 - 08/20/2006

Friday, August 18, 2006

Sew Mini, Ultra Mini and Hello Kitty?

Hancock Fabrics is having a sale on the Janome Sew Mini's $39.98 regularly $59.98. I've carted my regular sewing machine around enough to justify getting one of these little portables. I also need to have it serviced and am putting that off for a class and sewing. So I read reviews on the Sew Mini and they sounded good but a few people recommended the Ultra sew by Kenmore which is also made by Janome and has a few more features. I found a deal on a blue one on EBay. THEN I SAW THESE. If you haven't followed the above links YOU HAVE TO GO HERE. Make sure to scroll down to see both machines. They are the same machines as the Sew Mini and the Ultra Sew, By Janome, with HELLO KITTY! TOO CUTE! Now if there was only a way to justify getting these.......

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I see Peanut Butter Sandwiches in our Future!


Plum and Peach jam Posted by Picasa
We are very lucky to have 4 fruit trees and I'm lucky that my hubby likes and knows how to can. I like to help but don't like doing it alone. Anyway, I did get kind of an ultimatum like attitude about the fruit in bags on the kitchen counters and in the refrigerator. So we buckled down, I picked the rest of the peaches off the tree, filled our personal compost and the garbage service compost with the fruit that hit the ground so our goats (I mean dogs) could go back to their regular diet. Kristen commented about the dogs eating fruit. It is kind of funny. Plus they will eat until they get tummy aches. Steven lead the actually canning process as I helped pit, cut and stir. With this and watching the OK GO Treadmill video a gazillion times at Esther's request while she asked why they didn't just use the treadmills to exercise with, I had a pretty busy weekend. I barely had time to balance months (if not quarters worth) of our checking and any other accounts. The weekend and first few days of the week have just flown by. Esther started swimming lessons on Monday and the little kids are just so cute!

Clutter, Organization and Where the BLEEP did I put that TAPE?!?!?

I've lost some important things in my life. Nothing so important that I can remember right now and tell you about in this blog. Nothing that matters as much as oh...say...Part of our AMERICAN HISTORY! This (Click Here!) just bothers me.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Changed Man!

Okay, A changed Pup!

Sparky got his haircut and a bath on Friday. We have some trimmers but really don't know how to use them. Our previous attempts have taken hours and either yielded not very noticeable results or a choppy haircut for our pup. I found a groomer that doesn't charge an arm and a leg, they just needed a little convincing to do it for me. They asked, "Have you done it before? The hair might grow out differently" and "What if you don't like it?" Now he looks like a giant lab puppy. His feet are trimmed but not really close so they look bigger for his body like a puppies. Sure I miss the looks of his long hair but he's so cute and I'm sure it must feel better. The amazing thing is we've still had to vacuum every day, doesn't stop the constant shedding but at least it's clean and not quite as long. We are supposed to get another heat wave and keeping up with the mats behind his ears won't be an issue. I bet his skin is a lot less irritated. It will probably be a good comfy length when the cold part of our winter hits.

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