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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fuzzy Feet Done, should have worked covertly......

I Should have worn a disguise, hid in the closet, sat in the park next door....'cause if you make Fuzzy Feet your family will point out that theirs have giant holes in them, don't fit anymore and that it IS REALLY cold for CA. They will remind you that it sbowed mid day last Friday and it NEVER snows here. So now I'm working on a pair for my Hubby, and Esther's green yarn is already picked out for her next pair. Hope to be back to Flak, Ribby and the cabled pullover soon!

The picture is for Sonya who commented the yarn was pretty funky for Fuzzy Feet.
Note (3/16/06): The last comment may sound a little snotty without explanation. Sonya meant Funky Cool. I think the result is cool. When you first knit them up it looked funky odd to me having the little balls hanging out. Felting is so much fun that way!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


HOLD on the Ribby, HOLD on the Flak, HOLD on the Guansey, HOLD on the afghan, Hold on any swatching.....


So off to the local Yarn shop. I was looking for Yarn for the FC Cabled Hooded Pullover but found some fun yarn (Crystal Palace Iceland and Popcorn) to make myself some Fuzzy Feet. IT IS SO COLD HERE!

Then as I'm at the register I see a sign on the bookcase behind the register that reads, "Books signed by Nicky Epstein". Apparently her Aunt lives in Pleasanton and she stopped in the shop after Stitches West. Well, that was just the excuse to get this:

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments on my last entry!

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