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Friday, December 02, 2005

Bidding War?

Not to start a bidding war or anything.....I saw an EBay auction for the Family Circle Magazine that has the sweater pattern I talked about in a recent post. item no.6992445817 Anti-freeze sweaters: Make them Now, wear them later: is the name of the article. I've done a little research on Copyright but will need to contact the magazine itself. From what I've researched, publications before 1978 were copyrighted for 28 years before they became public domain. The coypright could be extended for 28 years but would have to be applied for. Well, 2005 was 28 years from 1977. There's also the possibility my source is bad or that I don't understand what I've researched. Either way, I'll contact Family Circle. It may delay a KAL but it would be cool if they published it again!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

While I'm Dreaming......

Two intriguing KAL's and the mention of a third of peaked my interest. The first is Janet Szabo's Follow the Leader Aran. More details will be up soon on the Aranknit Yahoo group and the Start is set at January 1, 2006. Another also interesting KAL in the works to be hosted over at January One. The details are in her post Crossed in Translation. I dare you to go look at the pics. The sweater is beautiful but the catch is it is a Japanese pattern, one size. Word has it the charts are very clear and it may be easy to adjust the size.

The third is based on this sweater:

 Posted by Picasa It is a casual hooded cabled sweater that appeared in the Aug 23 1977 Family Circle. My Mom made this sweater for my sister. My sister didn't like it when it was finished and I wanted it. My Mom wouldn't give it to me because it was for my sister and since I knew how to knit she figured I should do it myself. Well, 30 years later (gulp!) I've seen a few references to it and was able to get a copy of the pattern as well as the magazine off a recent EBay auction. Soooo, I'll check with Family Circle, the Author, and try to track down whoever I need to regarding copyright. Maybe this pattern can be available again for a KAL.

Back to reality! Some tough decisions will have to be made on what project/KALs to start in January. I have enough yarn for two of the projects. Time, well, that's another story. Speaking of time, specifically saving it, Look what my Hubby made for me! It's not quite finished but it is usable.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Leaves are Falling, Floating, Tumbling....

We had a great time yeserday raking leaves and playing with Esther and the pups. I didn't get photos of the pups jumpin in the leaves, but they loved it as much as Esther. Especially Maddy the youngest. I was able to get the dogs to sit for 2 seconds for a group photo.

I'll have pictures of a bunch of Fuzzy Feet felted and ready to go in a day or two. I've made 6 pair but one didn't felt well so I have 4 more pair to go. The yarn that works best and looks the coziest is Brunswick Germantown (A favorite but discontinued yarn) We watched Polar Espress last night. Esther's first full length movie! We all enjoyed it! I had actually stopped knitting near the end to watch and enjoy.

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