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Friday, September 23, 2005

Hard Sell at the Post Office

Is it my imagination or are the clerks at the Post Office trying to sell customers higher priced services and putting the squeeze on if you decline. I base this on my two most recent visits to the Post Office but I think my visit today is enough proof. My transaction today:

Me - "Hi, I'd like to mail this and need to know what the cost is for Priority and First Class." I'm looking at the little screen that has the info when the item is weighed and the zipcode info is entered. I notice Priority is 3.85 and First Class is .60 and both estimated times are 2 days (just up the state 2.5 hours).

Clerk - "Would you like that to go overnight?"

Me - "No, First Class is fine."

Clerk - "Priority?" said while she's entering that in and then stating "That will be $3.85".

Me - "No, I actually want First Class, please."

Clerk - "But it will take up to a week for your item to get to it's destination ma'am. Are you sure?".

Now, I may have been reading into this but the "Are you sure?" Sounded to me like, "Don't you love your sister enough to at least spend a little more on this present, which is almost 3 weeks late for her Birthday, to possibly get it to her a day earlier so she won't be broken hearted and think that neither one of her siblings loves her enough to get a Birthday present to her at least within the month her actual Birthday occurred?"....I took my chances and stuck with the First Class postage. I wouldn't have been surprised to hear, "What do I have to do to get you in to Priority Mail Service today?" Or some other closing sales statement.

So Close!

Esther's Sweater is ALMOST done. I couldn't find a separating zipper locally so ordered one from I like the ribbing affect of this pattern stitch which is from the campus coat in the fall issue of Cast On. I then pretty much made the sweater by gauge and measurements for another toddler sweater . I was able to make it a bit big and it will stretch for at least two years worth of wearing. I'm hoping to still have this project finished by the end of September. I do feel a bit guilty because so far I've been unwilling to make a cabled sweater for Esther that would take some time. This is because I'm afraid she'd outgrow it as I knit it or only have a limited amount of wearing time.

Make sure to check out the previous blog entry. I'm holding a drawing for answers to the questions there. Also, there are some great suggestions and ideas. Take care all!  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blog Contest! (Drawing)

With all the emphasis on preparedness I thought I'd hold a contest to encourage all of us to get our disaster kits ready. So......Here is how you enter:

To enter leave a comment on this blog entry and make sure to include a way I can contact you. You can remain anonymous, but I won't be able to enter you into the drawing. If you're concerned about privacy copy me in an email. Your comment should include answers to the following questions:

1. Tell me if you have a kit ready and what would be the most likely disaster you would need it for? Include some of the specific items you have in your kit in your answer.

2. Are there craft related items in the kit? Tell us if you have a story about an unusual use of a craft item. I thought of this question because in EZ's books she told us how she used a knitting needle as an emergency part for a boat motor. You'll get an extra entry for the most unusual use.

3. Any tips on this subject?

For each answer (other than yes or no) you will get an entry into the drawing. So, you could get up to four entries! That is one for each number and one for an unusual use of a craft item.

So now you want to know what the prize is for all this work, eh? ;-).

On Sunday Evening (9/24/05) my assistant (very skilled at counting ~ my 3 year old) and I will count out the entries place them in a suitable container for the drawing. We will then draw at least 5 names. The first 3 will win a set of the following.
Dragonfly Stitchmarkers! Yes Folks! In the recent past these stitchmarkers caught the eye of an anonymous blog commenter who asked to purchase them. At this time the ONLY way to receive them is by contest, stitch marker swap or randomly through the FiberRAOK webring. DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE! ;-)

The next two will receive.

$5 Gift certificate to either Starbucks or Barnes and Noble.

Good Luck!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Driving Lessons from Dora

When we get in the car Esther says "Buckle up so we can be safe!" Then when I start the car she says, "Go Fast so we can be safe!". I asked her where she got this idea and she replied enthusiastically, "Dora!!!" Well, I paid attention the next time Dora came on. Of course that's not exactly how it happens but I can understand why a little kid would think Dora meant you should also go fast to be safe. Pretty much explains the picture below ;-). Just kidding, she actually tipped the car herself to drain water out of it.

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