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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Postage Due!

I just finished addressing our Christmas and Holiday Newsletter cards. I had gone to the post office yesterday at 4:30 p.m. (what was I thinking!) to mail some packages but forgot to buy stamps. I couldn't imagine going BACK! Then I remembered my Dad's stamp collection. He collected stamps like crazy but kept them in manila folders. After he passed away and we took them to a stamp collector he said they were pretty much worthless in the condition they were in and we should just use them. I usually use them on things like bill payments and such but thought the Christmas ones would be kind of fun. I also put LOVE stamps on some of them since there weren't quite enough. Now I'm wondering what will happen at the P.O. Will the sorting and postage canceling machine grind to a halt? Will the glue from the old fashioned lick'em gum up the works. Will postal workers have to dig out a calculator to add up the postage? Worse yet will the puzzle over the ones that aren't marked with the value, just the year? (I had to look them up on the Internet) Even Esther took notice when I had to lick the stamps. She asked several times, "What are you doing?" Here's a close-up. Of course I forgot to tack a picture of an earlier batch already picked up by the Letter carrier that had some fun Santa and Retro Trees on them. DARN!

Okay, now to prove that my life is so exciting these days and deserving of photo preservation....Here's a picture of one of my favorite decorations, a Santa night light. My challenge to anyone who's read this far without nodding off is too post a picture of your own favorite Holiday Decoration.

Note: Uh oh! I just got an email from my sister in-law. They got their letter but it only had 2 of the 5 stamps on it. Since they received it another fell off. Hmm, hope no one really gets stuck with "pstage due". I thought it was just a catchy title!

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