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Friday, October 21, 2005

Contest Winner!

Lisa at Slip Knot Pixie is the winner! Esther was asleep so it was just me pulling the names out of a hat. I did get some good ideas and decided to go with a revolving kitchen tool caddy. The needles are rubber banded together with different color rubberbands (color coded for now). Eventually I am going to make a hanging holder. I thought of just getting the Double Point solution But I'm not 100% sure it will hold 12" DPs. If I find out it will work, I'll get it, if not I'll make one. If anyone has one of these, let me know if you think 12" DPs will fit in it.

Okay, I have to admit, Blogger comments confuse me as far as proper ettiquette. If the persons blogger ID is the same as one they use elsewhere but they don't have much info on blogger sometimes, I can figure out who it is and how to email them a response. If not, then I feel rude not answering. So if you ever think you should have received an answer from me but didn't it's either because I got sidetracked (most likely to do with a 3 year old) or I couldn't figure out how to send a reply. Either way, feel free to let me know I didn't get back to you. There may be some really obvious answer that I haven't stumbled on, if so I apologize.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yes I CAN Count!

These little booties were fun to make. More info on the project Here. I had just enough of the Berrocco Suede to make a fifth "just in case" Bootie. My husband kept making jokes about my math skills or that the parents will be offended......

Now for my next project (besides getting back to the Mystic Isles Poncho and the TKGA knitting). I'll let you guess. I bought a Bamboo stake yesterday. It's about 1 1/2" in diamater. I will cut it so the length is 4-6 feet. I'm going to get bees Wax too. I'm going to try and make a Didgeridoo! This instrument is featured in a song I'm teaching this semester. I've asked around to borrow one then saw a few websites like this one - How to make a Didgeridoo I'll report back on my progress.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Leave a comment regarding the following. How and what should I use to organize my DP needles? (won an auction on EBay for 10 sets in 12" length so need to work on this soon) Should I give up on the carousel mentioned in the previous post? Any tips, instructions to refer me to on either topic? Each commentor will be entered into a random drawing for a extra Family Circle Easy Knitting Magazine (Fall 2005). I somehow ended up with two of this magazine. I like it because it has a basic pattern for mittens, with fit tips as well as variations to make fancier mittens. Also in this issue are sweaters for guys, sweater and toys for kids. The drawing will take place Friday 10/21/05 after 5 p.m. PST. Winners will be announced Monday 10/24/05. Good Luck!

Another bracelet

2nd Bracelet Done!
More info on this project and supplies Here. I'm glad this is finished. It's a long overdue present for my sister. My eyes were too big for my ability, pocketbook and speed. She knows I do this though. I think of something I want to make for her and get carried away. I still have an unfinished present from about ten years ago. You know the German Christmas decorations that spin around with candles? I got the bright idea of making one with a carousel theme. Great Idea, huh? Well, even though my hubby and I are talented, neither of us are Norm Abrams or have his expensive laser guided tools.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Bracelets and Booties
I have pics of what is keeping me from my Mystic Isles Poncho and TKGA Masters program.

One of the bracelets is completed. I want to finish one other by next weekend, then two more in the near future. The problem is locating findings. I think Berkeley may be the answer, otherwise I'll need to order online and hope they get here by Thursday. YIKES!

The booties need finishing, I knit them in the round so not much to do. I think I have enough of the yarn left over for the matching hats. They would be
fairly quick and oh so cute. Time is always the issue, isn't it ;-).

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