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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

This is what Esther's Preschool Teacher helped her make for me. Isn't it cute! I'm not sure how much you can see. It has her handprint and the questions they asked her were: How old is your Mommy? Esther answered 20. What is your favorite food that Mommy fixes for you? Lasagna. Why do you love your Mommy? Because she takes me to the park. She's funny because she told Steven (in front of me) that it was a secret and about taking her to the park. She only recently decided she would eat lasagna. I wonder if the park answer is a hint for me ;-). How fun to have this!

Too all the Mom's (including Mom's of fuzzy children!) Grandma's, Aunts, etc... Happy Mother's Day!

Mutterings, Musings and such

To the What Not Too Wear Girls:
After careful consideration I've decided to buy a couple pairs of Capri pants.  I know this is against your advice as I'm not tall and leggy.  But they are the rage and I think would actually look much better than shorts on me.  Yes, they will make me look short and overweight.  My argument: I AM short and overweight and doubt the shorts I currently wear could look better than Capri shorts.  Any illusion of tallness and slimness is negated by the vast blinding whitness of any part of my thighs that are showing.  Plus in California long pants in the summer is just asking for heat exhaustion.
To the customer service between my optometrist and the optical department which are right next door:
Optical Department:  I am sorry you are busy, that is not an excuse to be rude and condescending, especially after I've waited on hold for 10 minutes.
Optometrist's staff:  I understand it is a common mistake at the beginning of the year to accidentally write the wrong year on important papers like checks and contact lens prescriptions. In this case you've made my prescription invalid since it appears to be over a year old. Here are the steps you need to take: you have my file and see the error so pull out the prescription pad write a new prescription with the proper date.  Make the long trek to the optical department (under ten steps for you).  Hand it to the person working in the optical department.  If you can't do this I want my money back as the exam is worthless to me.  No I will not get in my car spend 40 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on traffic to pick up the prescription and give it to the optical department which is 5 feet from your desk! If it had been my mistake I would. My beleif has been that the true virute of a person is shown by how they handle their mistakes. We all make them, how you correct them is what really matters.

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